Immy’s got a new song in her ‘Lifelife’

Hi guys ‘n girls, got some news from one of my favorite singers. Imogen Heap has recently been working on a project that had as working title of #heapsong1. This project is about creating a crowd-sourced song for her new album that’s not finished yet. So she started doing that song which is out now on iTunes Store and her website. The song has been made in a period of 2 weeks with the collaboration of people and fans around the world. She created a special site to have everything  together to make the song. She used a special keyboard to display the days for the release of the song. She broadcasted every day at 6:00 PM (London Time) to her fans about what was the project about, how it was going, and some of the work she was doing for the song. Millions of fans submitted their part to collaborate to the song. Imogen Heap was surprised about the talend of her fans.

The song was finally released on March 28, 2011 along the official video and other similar tracks (instrumental track, track with fan-submitted solos, track with solos and heap comentaries) and a virtual edition of the song cover made with the staff of 3DiCD. A LIVE remix by Tim Exile for Lifeline was made on the release-day broadcast, but sadly it wasn’t recorded by neither of them (Imogen Heap/Tim Exile).

Imogen Heap draw during her broadcast on day 9 (March 22) her idea for the video. The drawing was put on eBay for bid on the price of £1.00 originally. Finally it was sold by the price of £540.00 and all the money went to the charity that Immy was suporting (Arquitecture for Humanity).


The video was filmed in a period of 2 or 3 days before the release. The video presents Immy’s almost-naked body painted in black or white with images or videos submitted by fans projected to her body. The song comes as a single track or as a Digital Bundle that you can find on her site. Listen to it, tell me what you think about the song and the video and we’re just gonna have to wait for #heapsong2 (non-official working name), although there are some rumors that she’s working with  deadmau5 on her new song. Just look what she tweeted.

So here’s the video and the link to her website so you can buy it directly from there.

Watch it on :

Watch it on :

Buy the song or the Digital Bundle:



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