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I want your opinion!

Hey there!

As you see from the image above, I’m requesting your opinion! It’s something easy you can do that will help me with something I’m working on. Sigue leyendo


Ya esta a la venta el disco One World

Hola, solo les voy a mencionar que ya salio a la venta el disco de la pelicula One World de las Cheetah Girls. Hagan click en la foto para ir al link para comprarlo.











  1. Cheetah Love
  2. Dig A Little Deeper
  3. Dance Me If You Can
  4. Fly Away
  5. Stand Up – Adrienne Bailon
  6. What If – Adrienne Bailon
  7. I’m The One
  8. No Place Like Us
  9. One World
  10. Feels Like Love
  11. Crazy on the Dance Floor – Sabrina Bryan
  12. Circle Game – Kiely Williams