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Today’s Topic: Medical Shows and my ridiculous request for recommendations of Medical Shows!

Hey there everyone! So, here’s the thing… As a few people know, I’m looking forward to be a doctor. I’ve been interested on watching medical shows and I have been watching some of them that I got to the point where I get freaked out by some cases but it has been like a “I got scared, but I like to keep watching it” feeling. Like an eye popping out of their socket or a rare epidemic disease and all that stuff. So now I’m on the search for these kinds of medical shows where things are from normal to weird to bizarre. If you have any recommendations or any shows you know that are about this, please let me know in the comments below or sending me a tweet or in my FB page. I will have a list of the shows I know and the ones that I have been recommended to watch in this post. Thanks in advance!

P.S.: If it’s a show in another language than English and Spanish, it doesn’t matter… I’m surely going to try to look for a version with subtitles 😀

Medical Shows:

  • NY Med
  • NY ER
  • Untold Stories of the ER