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Ricardo Flores

noviembre 4, 2013

Hey people! So, I will be posting more here, but I need to check some stuff before I do, so to start I will tell you tomorrow how was my Halloween as we’re on November already! Time flies by so fast! Have a good day and I’ll read you later!


Hello! So…

I have been neglecting my blog for a big time now… HUGE time, and I have no idea of what topic I could write about… So, I will write some posts about new music I found in the last few months and about some other random topics I come up with… Anyway, I updated my header so it would be giving a better idea that this is a PERSONAL BLOG, not a public blog… If I wanted to be someone who just talks about pop culture, what’s in, what’s out, and stuff, I would better be working on MTV or some sort of place like that…

Ignore the fact I promote some artists, but that’s because first I want some views on my blog and second is that I like the artists I post about, it’s not just about caring if they make sales or not… Not this established, I say goodbye for now and you’ll be hearing (or reading) from this blog more often!

See ya!

Today’s Topic: Medical Shows and my ridiculous request for recommendations of Medical Shows!

Hey there everyone! So, here’s the thing… As a few people know, I’m looking forward to be a doctor. I’ve been interested on watching medical shows and I have been watching some of them that I got to the point where I get freaked out by some cases but it has been like a “I got scared, but I like to keep watching it” feeling. Like an eye popping out of their socket or a rare epidemic disease and all that stuff. So now I’m on the search for these kinds of medical shows where things are from normal to weird to bizarre. If you have any recommendations or any shows you know that are about this, please let me know in the comments below or sending me a tweet or in my FB page. I will have a list of the shows I know and the ones that I have been recommended to watch in this post. Thanks in advance!

P.S.: If it’s a show in another language than English and Spanish, it doesn’t matter… I’m surely going to try to look for a version with subtitles 😀

Medical Shows:

  • NY Med
  • NY ER
  • Untold Stories of the ER

2012 is gone… (Year End Post)

Hey there!

So, I was just sitting in my computer, relaxing, playing some Tetris, listening to the albums “Ellipse” & “Speak for Yourself”  by Imogen Heap (which I love to listen to) and I thought about what achievements I did this year and I started doing this year end post to recap every one of the few of them. My achievements are not in order and as I cannot remember most of them, I will post them as I remember them. I tell you they are few so don’t get surprised if this post was too short to read.

In January I started studying in a US High School, which was a bit of a challenge for me because I had never been in one. I started practicing my English and correcting my pronunciation, because I discovered that my English accent was between British and American. Until now, my accent has become more American but sometimes with hints of British.

In March I started learning my “hobby” language (a language I want to learn voluntarily, without being forced into it or making it an obligatory class); Russian! (Yeah, say whatever you want, I like Russian). My family still thinks that I’m crazy for trying to learn a language so different than the ones that I know already or that are familiar with my mother language. My mother still tells me to practice my English and don’t just learn Russian. which I do without hesitation.

Learning a new language is so exciting (at least for me) and makes me feel that I can do more, I feel so smart, and I can meet new people (as a plus). I decided to study Russian because I think is a rough, but pretty language. My choices of languages were little because I wanted my hobby language to be something different, and I was choosing between German, Russian, French, and Italian, so I decided to study Russian. In a future I want to study German or Swedish. Enough of this… Back to the achievements!

In July I started my musical project where I will expose myself into a small independent musical career. It was originally called “RF’s Project” but as I wanted to use a name to make my own music, to show that it’s unique, I changed it to just “rf“. I’m working on the first single of the debut EP I will do (which by the time I’m finished with 5 songs will hopefully have a name). It is called “Let’s Make a Change (working title)”. It may be a charity single that will be released to sale when most of the EP is done. I’m having the support and some advice from my good friend Maja Nilsson, a 16 year old aspie singer/songwriter and music producer from Sweden. For now I’m not sure when I’ll be releasing my music yet.

So those were my achievements this year! (I told you before it was gonna be short!). A year ends and another one begins. For me, I will try to do more stuff the next year because I don’t want to stay with just a few achievements in the entire year as I did this year.

To finish this post already, I want to wish you all a really happy holiday and a Happy New Year! God bless you all and I really wish you that this year that is coming will be way much better than 2012. This is the last post from 2012 and I will keep posting random stuff and other news that may happen to me in 2013.

Thank you very much to all of you! This blog reached 10,000 more views during this year! (More statistics of this blog thanks to the team here

Until next year!

Ricardo Flores

Treats from Sweden!


Hey there, a few weeks ago my friend Maja Nilsson sent me a package through the mail that had some treats from Sweden. In the package were some Swedish candies including a bag of Ahlgrens Bilar (car-shaped candies), one bar of Marabou Polka Choklad, one of Marabou Mjölk Choklad and one big bar of Marabou Mörk Choklad, alongside a card with pictures from Sweden. I’m planning to send her some stuff from the USA to Sweden that hopefully she will like. See ya’ soon,





Hey guys and girls, the time passes by and here comes another year to live. Some people didn’t make it for this year and I send my condolences to all the families that lost someone special this past year.

Last year was a very tough year (at least for me) and there where a lot of changes in my life, including traveling, studying, and doing things I’ve never done in my whole life. I had good and bad moments, god and bad attitudes to other people from me, knew good and bad friends, met people through the internet that became special friends, and experienced a small time of knowing the “semi-independent-from-parents life”. But all of this experiences made my 2011 a special year, not all of those experiences where great, but they made it special.

Through all those things that happened I happen to be more conscious about what was happening in my life. I changed a lot since January 2011. I grew up an got more challenges than I could ever had back in my life. I had some amazing people that made me realize that I was growing up and was searching my own character. I happen to have more and more clear what I want to do in my life. Maybe they don’t read this, but I’d like to thank them for supporting me through all this process I had.

Since this is a new year, I’m gonna do the things that I have to do in order to accomplish my goals. I have a lot planed for this year, and as I said:

Bueno 2012… ahi te voy… si no me aguantas es tu culpa… ya te lo adverti… ya descanse… ya disfrute… ahora es mi turno de darte por todas las que me dio el 2011 hahahahaha 😉

Diosito, ayudame a pasar bien este anio #HereIGo 😉


Well 2012… here I go… If you can’t handle me is your fault… I’ve warned you… I rested… I enjoyed… now It’s my turn to punch you for all 2011 made me LOL 😉

God, help me pass this year really good #HereIGo 😉

So to end this “supposed-to-be-short-but-it’s-not” long post, I’m gonna be doing some things this year to make my goals accomplished 🙂

I want to wish you a really really happy new year, God Bles You ALL and thanks for the views I’ve got from you this year. If I could send you a gift I would, but as I can’t I give you all my best wishes and blessings.


Ricardo F.

Creator of RF’s Blog, RF’s Portfolio and Whatever Photography