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I need your opinion! (Poll)

Hey there, I just need your opinion on these four names as I will use one on a thing I have planned to do. The names to vote for are “The Expansive Bubble”, “The Dewarist Bubble”, “The Dewarist Place” and “Bubbleglove”. If you have any suggestion for name that is related to “Ideas” you can add it to the “Other:____” option on the poll or you can leave a comment below. Thanks for your help on this one. I will check the results of this poll and any other suggestions for names this next week. Thanks! You’re great…

Ricardo Flores


I was asked to create the cover of a song

Hey there, last month I was asked to take a picture for the cover of a single!

Swedish singer/songwritter Maja Nilsson asked me to take a picture for it to be the cover of her next single she’s working on with UK guitarist/songwritter Bimaly, “Traveling”.

“I know you’re good to take photos,can you please do me a favor? I need a photo of something with travel,artwork for a song, You’ll have no deadlines to do this + I give you credits for the photo. (…) Thanks a lot in advance.” ~ Maja Nilsson

The final cover for the single is the image above.

That’s it for now!

See you on the next post 😉

Kind of bored… btw Annoying Orange is great

Hey guys, it me again after a long, long, LONG time. As you may noticed by the post’s name, I am BORED,  yep! I’ve just got out of school, and now I’m on vacations, that means more time for me, but I’ve got not too much to do. I’ve tried to make a video, but it’s kind of difficult to make one, so I’m just gonna keep trying, (I guess). So some things I’m doing to not get bored is watch TV, play nintendo, and being on Facebook, which became a little boring since I’ve got out of school. My friends are not into Facebook too much, It seems to be like a graveyard sometimes, because they don’t update their status too often, so the most I see is “someone is friends with something and 3 more people… or 10 more people” so it’s a little boring. Sigue leyendo