Hello! So…

I have been neglecting my blog for a big time now… HUGE time, and I have no idea of what topic I could write about… So, I will write some posts about new music I found in the last few months and about some other random topics I come up with… Anyway, I updated my header so it would be giving a better idea that this is a PERSONAL BLOG, not a public blog… If I wanted to be someone who just talks about pop culture, what’s in, what’s out, and stuff, I would better be working on MTV or some sort of place like that…

Ignore the fact I promote some artists, but that’s because first I want some views on my blog and second is that I like the artists I post about, it’s not just about caring if they make sales or not… Not this established, I say goodbye for now and you’ll be hearing (or reading) from this blog more often!

See ya!



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