I want your opinion!

Hey there!

As you see from the image above, I’m requesting your opinion! It’s something easy you can do that will help me with something I’m working on. I need you to write in the comment section below your own opinion and answer to these questions:

  • What do you think about the world’s problems? (Specifically climate change, diseases and hunger)
  • What would you do to help?
  • Do you support any organization? How do you support them (donate, volunteer, etc.)?
  • If there was a chance, to which organization would you suggest the money from a charity work goes to? (I have some choices but I want to see what other choices are available)

I would be happy to have your opinion It doesn’t matter in what language you post it, and thank you in advance for helping me by telling your opinion! 

Have a good day!

Ricardo Flores


2 pensamientos en “I want your opinion!

  1. MajaNilsson1996

    The climate change is probably something that we can avoid by recycling, and sort out rubbish. In my town, we’ve started to divide rubbish and food leftovers.

    The medicine should be made better, I heard people got narcolepsy by the swine flu vaccine.

    I think that rich people should donate money to charity, to starving people instead of buying expensive things.

    I would like to support human rights organisations by give some of the money I’ll earn to them.


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