You Know Where to Find Imogen Heap with her latest single!

Hey there, I haven’t been on my blog for some time now since the last thing I posted was a poll asking for which name sounded better for you. Anyway I’m here to tell you that Imogen Heap has released a new heapsong, finally after so much time not knowing about them, called “You Know Where To Find Me“.

It is a song that started in the heart of A Room For London where Immi spent 2 days writing a song with some inspiration from videos taken in The Listening Chair and some other things like London itself and the River Thames.

I’d like to tell you more about it but I have been disconnected from almost everything since I have to do school stuff so I won’t be the ideal person to tell you what is the song about, instead I leave it for the lovely Immi herself since she made a Google+ Hangout on October 18th, 2012 to celebrate the release of her song. She also invited piano players from all over he world to play, with her, an improvisation live.

That’s all for now,
Have a great week!

Ricardo Flores

You can see the transmission here:

Check the music video (It’s really awesome):

Also search Twitter for the tag #YNWTFM, #YNW2FM, #heapsong7 and #YouKnowWhereToFindMe.

You can download “You Know Where to Find Me” from Immi’s store right here: You Know Where to Find Me at



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